How to get social media campaigns right #nomakeupselfie

Brilliant article explaining key points of the #nomakeupselfie campaign.

Great points about Q&A, relevant content, PPC campaign, integrating mobile donations and how 'nominations' were the key to amplification.

Source: Cancer Research / Econsultancy


Facebook Ad Term Glossary

Planning a FB campaign? Make sure you are aware of the latest image dimensions
plus check out Jon's ad term glossary (trust him, he is one of the best around).

facebook ads glossary jonloomer infographic Facebook Ads Glossary: Reference of All Important Terms [Infographic]
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How to tell Google there is a mobile version of a page

If you have hours of free time (and are interested into best Google's practices), I strongly recommend their YouTube channel. Can't be bothered? That's why you hire an expert...

This video focuses on 'How to tell Google there is a mobile version of a page, so it can show the alternate page in mobile search results'. One of the problems I encountered over the time, is the fact that the urls were not linked the right way, which ultimately affected Google page rank. And now, with over 40% web traffic from mobile devices, is even more important to think twice about the code structure and redirecting.


How to stand out with Pinterest

I came across some really simple and creative examples of using Pinterest, so if you want to go beyond the usual pinning, hope this helps you getting started...

1) Pinboard Names and Covers

I wish I've thought of that. Creating a cover with a text layover provides much bigger visual impact. User is able to navigate through the cluttered pin world in a much more pleasant way.

How to use pinterest - Jana Zilinkova

2) Rich Pins with Foursquare

See how it's done. So much potential! Helps to bring community together and promote cooperation.

How to use pinterest - Jana Zilinkova 

Memorable and Experimental Campaigns

Evolution is inevitable, even in ad campaigns. Big budget helps as well as unexpected emotions, stunts, hidden cameras, etc. You get the idea...

My favourite from the

'Here Are 15 of Marketing's Most Memorable Experiential Moves'

is this one

TNT: "Push to Add Drama"
This effort from Belgian agency Duval Guillaume forever raised the bar for stunts. In 2012, in a sleepy Belgian town square, passersby encountered a mysterious red button labeled "Push to Add Drama." Those who bit unleashed havoc on the streets in the form of ambulances, fist fights and gunshots -- all in an effort to promote the channel's "Daily Dose of Drama."


A Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to Twitter

A fourth tip for you, on being great at Twitter:
Pay attention to trends if you want to shine (like glitter).
Don’t ignore what people like, even if it seems silly,
A ridiculous gif, could help you make your first mill-y.


Why do you need Google+

Companies with Google+ profiles have “Prime placement on the right-hand side of the search results, with photos and promotional posts.”

Also, you are very likely to be 'on the top', if your localization is done properly. Think organic reach while building up your network, one step at a time. Even Starbucks and Economist agree.


How to get more engagement on Facebook?

The more time you spend figuring out how to get more engagement on FB, the less time you actually have to engage your audience.

Post fresh content daily?

Yes and no. I wouldn't recommend it to all FB pages. You might be better off with 3 a week and boost the best updates with highest virality/engagement

Post more updates a day?

Rarely. If you do so, make sure you don't post them one after another. Some people receive 'notifications' and if they see 5 of them in a row, they'll probably be slightly discouraged to click on any of them.

Use a third party scheduling?

Again, it depends. Just make sure you know the app you're using (and timezones). I came across some posts that were published via third party app and the link was broken (so I wasn't able to 'get' to that post).

Secret tip?

Short videos via YouTube. Don't forget to create a playlist with related videos first, then share the video. If people watch until the end and are 'hungry' for more, you don't miss your chance because another video starts playing straight away.


We will survive! Marketing guide for 2014

In 2013, the average consumer's attention span was just eight seconds. Try to create short-form videos, use striking images, include an irresistible call to action, spread an integrated message, show your ad on TV as well as FB at the same time...
  • Think quality over quantity (100 people who care about your brand are better than 1,000,000 people who don't)
  • Create ads that amuse and entertain, pull on the heartstrings, or solve a problem

How Social Media is Changing Business

In 10 years, social won’t even be a question. In the same way we don’t question using the internet to conduct business now, we won’t be questioning the use of social tools. It will be so ingrained that we’ll have a hard time imagining how we ever did anything without it.


Google+ scores another plus

While I have many doubts about Google+, I believe it is a very important part of online marketing media mix. Maybe not very effective as a platform (especially in Australia), but verified Google+ business pages certainly contribute to overall impact and influence customer's buying habits.

The ideal mix includes most Google products, starting with YouTube and Blogger. Sharing suitable content is more than easy. To stay on the right track, add to the mix local search/places and Google reviews.


Oh, you and that silly content marketing stuff...

Of course I try to keep in the marketing loop while being 'on the top of things'. Currently having around seventy different shortcuts in my 'read&learn' folder, wondering if the 10 Best Infographics That Will Change Your Life or How to Please Your CEO with More Effective SEO (I made that up actually), will make my life of a marketing meerkat (I made that up too) easier.

This presentation is completely spot-on and funny too.

Have a break, watch some kitties and cats

How to make your content shareable? Put a kitten on it. Dogs may be our best friends but it seems that cats are the kings of today's social content. I have to admit, I love the new cat-beards...

What Will You Do For a 'LIKE'?

Well, when I heard about the latest trend for websites to have some video background, I thought that was quite clever. But I'd never imagined what would it be like to have a live stream (through a web cam) with 'call-to-action'.

One Slovakian creative agency came up with this idea - give our page a 'like' and activate our flashing light. Somebody will come to switch it off and give you a wave (and say thanks).

That's what I call creative!

The Audience of the Future

Spot-on example and it's happening right now....

Storytelling and Digital Age

Storytelling is simply content creating. I really enjoyed this article about 'THE EVOLUTION OF STORYTELLING', still very accurate although few years old.

So far, these types of stories live mostly in the entertainment space, but as the culture vultures we are in advertising, there’s little doubt that brands will soon follow suit.

We have seen plots aug­mented, new characters created, and chunks of narrative distributed via new channels. The goal is to surround a potential audience with multiple entry points into films and TV shows, expanding the audience while we build fandom among adherents. 
The evolution of storytellingChosen by Lars Bastholm, chief digital creative officer,
Ogilvy North America and Steve Wax, co-founder and
managing partner, Campfire, New York

Brands on Instagram

Great update by Instagram meaning further engagement and increased exposure. From marketing point of view (think brands and company and company accounts), this is a great opportunity for the right brands.

Introducing Photos of You from Instagram on Vimeo.

If Cost-Per-Action Is On Your Mind

Let's be honest. As much as I like Facebook and consider to be an essential part of online marketing, there are some times when I would call this social platform a Failbook. On the other hand, problems are hidden opportunities and coming up with a smarter solution or different approach can bring you unexpected results. We all like little victories, don't we.

Since Facebook changed its algorithm in publishing stories, we'd regularly take advantage of promoted stories. Read about another, in some cases sure to be more effective approach.

Apparently, There Are Five Stages of Grief and Six Stages of Social Media Transformation

In my books, it's rather a never-ending story, but we all hope for a nice happy end. A lot of useful information to be found in this presentation.

Let's get engaged!

Aim for engaging content, but let's be honest - without using 'promoted stories', you'll never reach high enough. Facebook is about reaching your customers when they are not at your store (for example) and building loyalty (helps you develop your business). Combined with special offers and product insights, you will get them buy the products and spread the word for you.

You've Come a Long Way, Facebook Baby

There is so much happening around FB these days, I can't wait to have a bit more time to actually write about it - hopefully before it will all become 'yeah that was ages ago' type of update.

Meanwhile... Hello conversion measurement!


Say 'Cleese' :)

Apparently, the word 'creative' has been largely over-used in 2012. Personally, I don't see it as a bad thing. Where is creativity, there is evolution.

I totally love this great article by BrainPickings and really enjoyed John Cleese's lecture about creativity. Happy 2013 ;)

Social media aggregation platform

Stackla: Does your social stack up? from Stackla on Vimeo.

Totally new level of social media -  STACKLA reports on your social data, turns your social followers into database contacts and provides a new platform for sponsor integration. Very clever!

Social Networking Trends

Social networking is the most popular online activity worldwide

Social networking behavior both transcends and reflects regional differences around the world

The importance of Facebook cannot be overstated

Microblogging has emerged as a disruptive new force in social networking

Local social networks are making inroads globally

It’s not just young people using social networking anymore – it’s everyone

‘Digital natives’ suggest communications are going social

Social networking leads in online display advertising in the U.S., but lags in share of dollars

The next disrupters have yet to be decided

Mobile devices are fueling the social addiction